Monuments of the World War II, after 50th anniversary

Amonines, Belgium

Commemorative plaque to the 3rd Armored Division (September 2002)

Assenois, Belgium

Plaque dedicated to James Hendrix, 4th Armored Division, Congressional Medal of Honor (close to the church).

Baillonville, Belgium

Plaque in tribute to the gallant soldiers of the 327th F.A. Battalion, 84th Infantry Division, who took part, during the Battle of the Bulge, in the liberation of our towns and villages. They stayed in Baillonville from December 22, 1944 to January 3, 1945 (June 2003)

Baraque de Fraiture, Belgium

A Howitzer 105mm Guns dedicated at all US units.

Baraque de Fraiture, Belgium

Plaque to the 3rd Armored Division. (18 November 2000)

Bastogne, Belgium

New plaque to the crew of the Sherman Tank in Place McAuliffe. (11th Armored Division) (30 May 2000).

Bra-sur-Lienne, Belgium

Plaque dedicated in honor of General James M. Gavin 82nd Airborne Division Commander who chose le Château Naveau as his Command Post during the early stage of the Ardennes Battle December 22-24, 1944 . (February 17, 2001)

Bra-sur-Lienne, Belgium

Plaque dedicated to the 80th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion (February 2, 2002)  

Chenogne, Belgium

In a private land (non visitable), plaque and tree dedicated to the memory of Robert A. Fordyce, 21st A.I.B., 11th Armored Division, KIA on December 31, 1944.

Clochimont, Belgium 

At the Monument Crossroads, plaque dedicated to the whole U.S. ARMY. On this spot, the Lt. Col. Abrams (4th Armored Division) was hesitating to decide if he had to attack Sibret as previously planned or going towards Assenois to try to break through the Bastogne perimeter. The sight of the numerous planes flying towards Bastogne to drop some food, ammunitions, drugs to the besieged 101st Airborne Division took all his hesitations off and he decided to go to Assenois (December 26, 1944)

Dolhain, Belgium


This monument commemorates the American 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion that fought in the Ardennes Campaign and the Battle of the Bulge. (1997)

Text on the monument:

86th Chemical Mortar Battalion Association Honors and Remembers
86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, United States Army, World War II With Headquarters and rest area at Dolhain, Belgium, 6 November 1944 to 4 march 1945 During the Ardennes Campaign and Battle of the Bulge
Its 40 men killed in battle

Elsenborn, Belgium

Monument dedicated to all American soldiers in commemoration of their sacrifices to restore freedom and democracy in Europe. September 44 – January 45

Esneux, Belgium

Memorial plaque with the names of the 11 men killed by accident on 25 December 44. (25 December 2000)

Florennes, Belgium

Plaque dedicated to the 344th bomb Group (M) AAF

Fraiture-en-Condroz, Belgium  

Plaque dedicated to General Castle (USAF) (1999)

Gouvy, Belgium

Monument dedicated to the memory of Major Joe C. EARLEY, killed in action in the crash of his P-47 Thunderbolt the January 13, 1945.  Member of the 389th Fighter Squadron, 366th Fighter Group; (June 24, 2001)

Grandmenil, Belgium

Stele to the 3rd Armored Division and to the 289th Inf. Rgt., 75th Infantry Division.

Grandmenil, Belgium

Memorial to the 951st Field Artillery Battalion (May 6, 1998).

Grandmenil, Belgium 

Memorial to the 238th Engineer Combat Battalion (May 17, 1998). 

Hotton, Belgium

Sherman Firefly turret dedicated to the 53rd Welsh Division and their attached armoured regiments (9 September 2000)

Krinkelt, Belgium

Memorial to the 2nd Infantry Division (October 2002)

La Roche, Belgium

Memorial to the 51st Highland Division (May 1999).

La Roche, Belgium 

MK10 tank-destroyer (Achilles) (January 2000) 

La Roumiere-Hotton, Belgium

Plaque to the men of the 75th Infantry Division, U.S.Army, who are honored by the recognition accorded them and all other Allied soldiers who fight in the Ardennes, December 1944 and January 1945.

We were free men and wanted others always to be free.

May God bless the people of Belgium,

our friends forever.

(May 1996)

Leignon, Belgium 

Plaque to Pfc Milo Huempfner awarded of the Distinguished Service Cross for action at Leignon (Belgium) on December 23, 1944. (February 3, 2002) 

Losheimergraben, Belgium

Monument erected in honor of the 1st Bn, 394th Regiment and attached units of the 99th Infantry Division, whose valor and heroic action at this location on December 16th, 1944, was recognized by award of the Presidential Unit Citation. (September 20, 2002) 

Lutremange, Belgium 

Memorial dedicated to the 35th Infantry Division (September 14, 2002) 

Medernach, Luxembourg

Plaque added to the stele with the Presidential Unit Citation "CCA"(March 12, 2001)

Medernach, Luxembourg 

Plaque added to the stele with the Presidential Unit Citation "CCB" (March 12, 2001) 

Moircy, Belgium

Memorial to the 87th Infantry Division (8 June 1996). 

Namur, Belgium  

Plaque dedicated to the 238th Engineer Combat Battalion. 

Neufmoulin, Belgium 

Plaque dedicated to Private First Class Mason Hamel Armstrong (D.S.C.), F Co. 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division for action at Neufmoulin. (September 22, 2001.) 

Noirefontaine, Belgium  

Plaque dedicated to the 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion and the civilians of the area. (June 16, 2002) 

Ottre, Belgium 

Memorial dedicated to Pvt Henry I. Tannenbaum, 83rd Inf. Div., 331st Rgt, 2nd Bn, "F" Co. killed in action near Ottre, January 11th, 1945 and the brave soldiers of the 83rd Infantry Division. (June 22, 2002)

Parfondruy, Belgium

Plaque to the 3rd Armored Division (June 13, 1998).  

Pirompré, Belgium 

Memorial dedicated to the 87th Infantry Division (8 June 1996).

Preizerdaul, Luxembourg 

Memorial In Memory of the 26th Infantry Division who fought in this area with endeavour in December 1944. May their sacrifice not have been vain. (1994)

Rachamps, Belgium

Tree and plaque dedicated to the men of "Easy Co" 506th Regt, (September 21, 2002) 

Rochelinval, Belgium 

Plaque dedicated to Bill Tucker Co "I" 505th P.I.R. "Tucker's House" (February 2000).

Rochelinval, Belgium 

Plaque added to the stele with the Presidential Unit Citation (February 18, 2001)  

Rocherath, Belgium

The Hasselpath Memorial located North East of Rocherath is a place of remembrance and meditation, symbol of peace and reconciliation. 

Rocherath, Belgium

In memory of the many American and German soldiers, who had to combat and to loose their lives in the forests of this area during the battle of the Bulge.

Rocherath, Belgium

In winter 1944-45.  

Sadzot, Belgium

Plaque dedicated to the 1st Bn, 289th Rgt, 75th Infantry Division (29 September 1999).

Sadzot, Belgium

Plaque to Sgt James D. Deane, Jr. And Staff/Sgt Robert V. Myers 75th Division, 289th Regiment, Company "G" killed on 25 December 1944. (29 September 1999)

Samree, Belgium

Memorial plaque dedicated to the "A" Co., 82nd Rcn men KIA in Samree, Belgium in January 1945. (Sept 2002) 

Sibret, Belgium

In the Ancient Classified Cemetery of Sibret (Historical site, in the center of the village) one double plaque is dedicated to the civilian victims of Sibret and Chenogne and to the bomb disposal experts killed in action in the area.

Stavelot, Belgium 

Memorial to the 526th Armored Infantry Battalion and 5th Belgian Fusiliers (May 1997). 

Stavelot, Belgium

Plaque to the 596th Engineer Battalion attached to the 517th P.I.R. (May 9, 1998).

Stavelot, Belgium

Monument to the civilian victims of the battle. (December 1999) 

Tillet, Belgium

Plaque dedicated to S/Sgt Curtis F. Shoup (87th Infantry Division) (8 June 1996). 

Tillet, Belgium

Plaque dedicated to the men of the 55th AIB 11th Armored Division (29 May 2000).

Vaux-sous-Chêvremont, Belgium

Plaque dedicated to the 45 civilian victims of the V-1 in 1944-45. (1999) 

Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, Belgium

Monument dedicated to the 35th Us Infantry Division (2003) 

Wiltz, Luxembourg

 - Schumann - Nothum crossroad - Wiltz, Lux Memorial Trail 1944 - 1945 This memorial trail leads along the foxholes in the woods at Schumann Eck where numerous American and German soldiers fought and died during the Battle of the Bulge 1944-1945.

Wiltz, Luxembourg

 - Three panels with informations concerning the Battle of Schumanns Eck during the Battle of the Bulge. (Inaugurated in 2011)