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Operation FLECKNEY 1 (Germany)

Operation FLECKNEY 1 (Germany)
 161st Squadron R.A.F
November 27, 1944
(Note.) Article published with authorization of Paul Remy.
The LOCKHEED HUDSON T 9463 - MA-L  crashed on the south-east border of Belgium and Luxembourg at Houffalize, East Belgium.
On Sunday, November 26, 1944, at 20h48, a Lockheed-Hudson bomber of the 161st Squadron took off from the English airport of Tempsford. On board were four members of crew:  
The Squadron Leader Reginald E Wilkinson, the Flying Officer John Weddell.
The radio operator, Frederick J Champion, and George H Ash, the machine gunner.


Their mission was to parachute an intelligence agent, Paul Penczock, alias Paul Woderski, behind the enemy lines close to the town of Arnstadt in Germany.

On its return, towards 0200h in the morning, the bomber was flying to the North-East of Houffalize when it unfortunately crashed in a meadow near to “Drogny”, 1 km to the south of Brisy.  
Note: (Shot down probably by an american P-61 422nd Night Fighter Squadron. The Hudson war coming back from the Operation Fleckney 1)
The four members of crew were killed and were buried in the military cemetery of Evere, close to Brussels, on December 2, 1944.
At the initiative of Paul Remy, and with the assistance of municipal authorities of Gouvy, a monument was erected in memory of the airmen. It is located along the road from Brisy to Cetturu.
Monument of Brisy erected in 2011
 Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Lockeed Hudson's crash at Brisy
 November 27, 2014  (Photos H.Rogister)



 161st Squadron